Claiming Options

Using the Minute Menu system you can quickly and easily record food program information and submit claims via the Internet or on scannable forms.

On-line claiming is free, using Minute Menu WebKids.  Using Internet Explorer, you can log into our secure WebHX web site and record everything the food program requires.  You can easily:

  • Record Meals
  • Enroll children
  • Note school holidays, child sick days, etc.
  • Pre-plan menus
  • Record Daily Child In/Out Times
  • Find out how much you will be paid
  • Eliminate claim errors.

An enhanced version of this software is also available to you by paying an annual fee to Minute Menu.

 WebKids Startup Guide English

 WebKids Startup Guide Spanish

WebKids Manual

Scannable forms are designed so that you can quickly and easily record the information required by the food program.  These forms are free to participating providers.  The paperwork includes:

  • Child Enrollment Forms – filled out and signed by the parents of each new child you enroll into your care (and subsequently into the food program)
  • Attendance Only Forms –used to record attendance at meals served to children on a given day
  • Claim Information Forms – these are forms we give you each month so you can easily keep track of the children enrolled your care, cycle menu numbers including substitutions, and total children in attendance each day.


Workbook For Scannable Claims

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